February 5, 2019


Words typed in an old cell phone note from my adolescence: 

Curled up in my bed its an empty feeling where you once were.
Healing hurts.
When the darkness of my room overtakes me, your memory comes flooding back and I want to push it far away.
But it stays.
You drift off safe and soundly unaffected – I’m left with a nightmare that’s hard to heal.
I lay awake the pain doesn’t allow me to sleep.
In the big scheme of things I know its nothing, but it doesn’t stop my heart from hurting- because for two years you were my everything.
And I loved you.


I had a bad dream about you today and I realized we may never be the same.



And I quietly exit their lives leaving only my fingerprints.



All your happiness is gone.
You aren’t the same as you once were.
Where did you go?
I don’t know you now.
You faded with the colors of the summer.
Come back, come back to where the sun shone bright and the wind was so carefree – carefree like we were.
Seasons change and so do people.
I will carry on summer or winter, I will carry on.

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